19 October 2011

Honey Princess:Elle Ribera

This girl is so cute and sweet, she is Elle Ribera and she lives in the great
New York City.
Her clothes are so sweet as honey.
I think what her skirt is from "Miss Patina" I saw the site of F21 and
blouse look in the middle is the Chicwish is so wonderful.
His clothes contrast with the sweet background.

She also utilize a single photo that is now
actually, more unique with your hair pink.Elle really remember me the spring in "Central Park"
her clothes combines with a very cute things.
What makes more interesting and wonderful in your looks
is the sun's rays (i love it)
She's really a princess, she is an icon for me!

Get inspired:
Dress Miss Patina on sale
Skirt F21
Top Chicwish

                                                   Kisses Lettie