18 September 2011

The Rodarte for Opening Ceremony

The polemic Rodarte won my heart with this lovely lookbook.
Rodarte realized that the old trends as recovered from Oxford jump but she(Rodarte) innovated with floral (loved), for boys that this 100% preppy on this lookbook.
This dress (from  the picture) loved the silk dress, (never seen something like that) and still more hot pants
Photo prints innovated do not remind you of galaxy print of
Steven Madden swear I saw the wonderful versions but I think in

Romwe exhausted.
It is time for crochet pastel does not remind you of the controversy Rodarte,
for boys declare again that this preppy, think for girls in
1960 (next image) is a mini-skirt, Christmas sweaters, I think the tendency
"warm skin" returned again think the fringes, I think folkloric prints
still I've seen prints like this at this store
http://www.the1727.com/ specifically  http://www.the1727.com/nordic-venture/336-limited-edition-nordic-print-flutter-sleeve-sheared-waist-dress-black.html
that these pictures printed great creativity will think they saw a strong
trend as well as in jumpuits galaxy.For end this wonderful floral
just a new trend, but these suits do not remind you of Miu Miu or something
or mistake?
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Opening Ceremony.

PS:Next weekend i will make my first style day (look)

                                                   Kisses Lettie

15 September 2011

Penny Lane by nirrimi

I love this amazing editorial by nirrimi .The first photograph of a contrast with the blond hair of the model and flowering fields, there is a photograph that appears blouse 3D
I've seen on American Apparel (
this wonderful floral shorts have a sneaking feeling that I've seen them in
Forever21, when it comes to the picture of a beautiful transparency of the trends
more "strong" in 2011, which makes really remind me of the wonderful parade
Dolce & Gabbana in my opinion  clothes intentionally gave
the illusion prints for a more beautiful body.
This editorial in the end gave me a spare simplicity of the elegance
youth to the girl, so I think they could have invested in some parts
glossy but I loved it!
                        Souce on:
 Some parts look:
 http://www.hm.com/gb/product/94973?article=94973-A (but it does not look like a next version)

                                      Kisses Lettie